The Wenlock Olympian Games – Gliding Competition

In light of the IOC’s decision to postpone the Olympics until 2021 and the Wenlock Olympian Society’s decision to cancel their events in response to the Covid-19 emergency, the Midland Gliding Club has postponed the next Wenlock Olympian Games Gliding competition until 2022.  We regret having to make this decision. It has always been our intention to hold the competition in the same year as the International Olympics but the Covid pandemic has made planning for this year almost impossible.

The Wenlock Olympian Gliding Competition takes place every four years and is:

  • a single handicapped class open to any wooden or fabric covered glider
  • five day event starting Monday and finishing Friday to allow travel time at weekends
  • practice days before the event
  • a low attendance fee of £150 per glider (additional £55 fee for second pilots) to keep the costs down
  • small and inexpensive fun day winner prizes
  • Wenlock Olympian Society Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for the top three pilots
  • Tasks set every flyable day along with met briefings
  • pilots who don’t want to compete welcome to take part on a hors concours basis
  • Launch mostly by winch but may also be by bungee or aerotow on suitable days

We at Midland Gliding Club want to promote low cost grass roots gliding and where better to do it than at one of the UK’s oldest gliding clubs.  We can offer thermal, ridge and wave conditions and winch launches to almost 3000′ asl, a rapid retrieve winch system, bungee launching in suitable conditions, professional catering, on site accommodation, caravan parking and a dedicated camping area.

The next Wenlock Olympian Games – Gliding will take place at the Longmynd in 2020.

Call the MGC office on 01588 650206 or email for details.

Midland Gliding Club Ltd is registered in England under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1893 (revised 1965) registration number IP11889R Club number 11889R.  Its registered office is at:  The Airfield, Longmynd, Church Stretton, Shropshire SY6 6TA, United Kingdom.  The telephone number is +44(0)1588 650206

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  1. I used to fly an Olympia 1 from Hus bos Jacobs Ladder.
    my first flight I did was 75 k to London gliding club and the second flight 222k Hus Bos to Plymouth but landed out between Tiverton and Taunton from memory.
    I wonder if Jacobs ladder is still flying.
    I am now in Australia flying an SZD 55 with and ASH 31 Mi due in Sept.

    • Hi James. Jacobs ladder is still around. It is owned and being expertly restored by Bill Cook. He is based at Shalbourne soaring , Rivar Hill.

  2. My wife & I are both now over 70, but started gliding c1960. I’m still instructing. My wife is disabled having difficulty walking anywhere, but any distance is a real problem; uneven ground is a no, no.
    We intend to visit during the Olympics will there be any parking for the disabled? Please let me know.

    • We would be really happy to hold the event every year but after 2012, in 2013, there was not enough interest to make it viable. So we decided to hold the event only in Olympic years. If enough people want it we will do it. It needs those who are interested to contact us and express interest..

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